Smartr for iPhone

Concurrently with Project Cascade (a redesign of Smartr for Android), I began to explore redesigning the iPhone client in 2012-2013, with the goal of creating a more consistent experience across the two mobile platforms.

LEFT: A walkthrough of key features, including the home and profile experiences.

BELOW: After user testing, we found that our profile experience from the 1.0 client needed further refinements. We consolidated multiple tabs into a single faceted "card", allowing the user to swipe to the right to see social updates from Facebook and Twitter.

RIGHT: Also in Summer 2012, I began designing and prototyping a new iPhone product that would use Xobni's technology to "clean" the user's Contacts app. This app would remove duplicates, remove outdated phone numbers, and more. This project later got de-prioritized in favor of Project Cascade, however.

BELOW: Visual design mocks for the address book cleaner app.