Project Eden

Also known as Yahoo! Messenger for the Web and myM, Project Eden was a new, highly personalizable IM and sharing experience for younger users, built with Adobe Flex. This project began in 2006, but was cancelled in 2008. I served as the principal interaction and visual designer.

Very early on in the project, I worked with a user researcher to create a series of user personas. We used these personas to help clarify features with the product team, communicate ideas to engineering, and flesh out user scenarios. I ended up storyboarding several of these scenarios (see left).

BELOW: Early wireframes that look into readapting traditional instant messaging into a browser experience.

RIGHT: Mid-project concept map, illustrating the relationship between user needs and Eden's product features.

LEFT: A small sampling of the couple dozen UI specs that I authored over 2+ years of development. (There were a lot of UI specs.)

BELOW: A series of logo explorations for Project Eden's final brand name: myM. The selected logo is circled.