Yahoo! Messenger

From 2002 to 2005, I was the lead visual designer (and contributing interaction designer) for Yahoo! Messenger. We worked on a major visual redesign for the Windows desktop client (Yahoo! Messenger 6.0) and introduced new features such as voice calling (Yahoo! Messenger 7.0, see below).

At the time, Yahoo! Messenger was an industry leader in instant messaging, with 120 million worldwide users.

LEFT: Yahoo! Messenger 5.5 was based off the standard Windows UI language. With 6.0, we had access to a new XML-based theming system that allowed us to customize individual Windows elements.

BELOW: To that end, I constructed a series of moodboards based off the brand attributes our Marketing group wanted to convey, and the personas we were designing towards.

ABOVE: Assorted themes for Yahoo! Messenger 6.0.

LEFT: I documented the process of creating themes and optimizing illustrations for our international design teams. In turn, these teams created additional variants that catered to local markets.

Inventory of chrome elements for Yahoo! Messenger 6.0 - 7.5.

BELOW: I also collaborated with another illustrator to produce a library of icons, illustrations, and emoticons for Yahoo! Messenger's Windows and Mac clients.

After working on Project Eden, I worked with the Messenger team to explore a new front-door experience for Yahoo! Messenger. My take on Yahoo! Insider tried to rely more on progressive disclosure to balance all the network offerings.