Smartr for Gmail

A browser-based extension that finally gives Gmail users the power of Xobni (previously only available for Microsoft Outlook and BlackBerry). Released in 2011. One of PCWorld's Top 100 Products for 2011.

I was responsible for the visual design and HTML/CSS development, and collaborated with the product manager on the interaction design.

Smartr for Gmail is positioned just to the right of the Gmail inbox. While we kept the dashboard-like behavior of Xobni for Outlook, everything else was rebuilt from the ground up.

We built the visual design to complement Gmail's look-and-feel, stripped out features less important to Gmail users, and shifted the focus towards search and relationship-building. Unlike Xobni for Outlook, we pull in all our insights and discoveries from our Xobni Cloud service.

BELOW: Various states of a person's profile, which appears when a user clicks on an email message from that person.

Smartr for Gmail also replaces out Gmail's autocomplete. The user now gets access to every single person they've ever exchanged emails with — with the best matches always on top.